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Clay Mask and Brush Duo

Clay Mask and Brush Duo

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Get all of your face mask essentials with our Clay Mask and Brush Duo. This skincare duo includes our Clay Mask and a Silicone Face Mask Brush. Use this mask and brush combo together to get smooth, even face mask coverage all over your skin.

Everything You’ll Get:

Get to know our Clay Mask:

  • Draws out and absorbs excess oil for a purifying cleanse
  • Increases skin moisture and hydration
  • Hydrates, cleanses, and purifies skin by drawing out excess oil and absorbing impurities from your pores

Get to know our Silicone Face Mask Brush:

  • Helps you apply our Clay Mask with smooth, even coverage
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Sulfate Free
Gluten Free
Fragrance Free
Phthalate Free

We’re Leaping Bunny certified!


Leaping Bunny provides the best assurance that a product is free of animal testing at all stages of development. In order to become Leaping Bunny certified, Uncommon Beauty complies with requirements that go beyond current laws. All of our products and ingredients follow the cruelty free criteria outlined by Leaping Bunny.