What is Vermeil Jewelry?

What is Vermeil? Why is Vermeil so special? How do you pronounce Vermeil? Should I buy your everyday jewelry or Vermeil gold? How do I care for my Vermeil jewelry? — We get these questions a lot, so let’s talk all about Vermeil jewelry.

Before we dive into the details, let’s talk pronunciation. Repeat after us: ver-may (simple, right?) Now that you’ve that down, let’s get into what Uncommon James Vermeil is.

While our jewelry is always created with high-quality materials, our Vermeil pieces take it to the next level. Vermeil is crafted with 18k gold (at 2.5 microns thick) layered over Sterling Silver. With these two durable metals, our Vermeil quality is unmatched. Not to mention we also use real, slightly included round-cut diamonds to make sure you have a truly luxurious piece.

Since Vermeil jewelry is created with only the best materials, it can be a little more of an investment piece. But if your pieces are properly cared for, they’ll be with you forever. Be sure to remove your Vermeil jewelry before showering, swimming, exercising, washing your hands, and when applying any hair products, perfumes, or lotions so it can last as long as you want.

If you’re trying to decide between our everyday gold jewelry styles and Vermeil, don’t forget you can always style them both together! For example: If you wear gold earrings every day but don’t always wear necklaces, then a mix of our Vermeil earrings and everyday gold necklaces could be perfect for you. It’s all about what your style needs and where you are with your jewelry collection.

Ready to make an investment in your gold jewelry collection with Vermeil jewelry? These are some of our favorite gold necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets we know you’ll love.

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