3 Essential Summer Skincare Steps

We know you’ve got a busy summer ahead — between all the beach trips, pool days, happy hours, farmers market trips, and Challengers-esque tennis matches — which is why we’re breaking down the three skincare steps you need to keep your skin looking and feelings its best. 

The summer heat combined with time spent in the sun can often leave you with dry, dull, and dehydrated skin. But we know you deserve a fresh, hydrated, and even bronzed look. Follow our exfoliate, nourish, and hydrate steps to have the skin of your summer dreams. 


First things first, we exfoliate. While exfoliating is typically seen as a winter skincare essential, it shouldn’t be skipped over in the summer. It will remove any dry, dead skin you have and help your skin absorb the rest of your routine for maximum hydration. There are also many ways you can add an exfoliant into your routine — let’s breakdown a few of our favorite exfoliating skincare products and when you should use them.


After exfoliating, your skin is prepped to soak up all the nourishing ingredients in your favorite serums and creams. This summer, we’re making sure we get all the vitamin C we can with our Enhanced Pineapple Peptide Nectar and nourishing our under eyes with our Eye Masks and Enhanced Triple Effect Eye Cream.


The final step in your summer skincare routine is hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. After exfoliating and nourishing, our hydrating skincare essentials will help seal everything in. Our must-have moisturizer is the Enhanced Daily Water Cream and for a bronzed glow (that gives even more hydration) you can mix in our Bronzing Drops. For an extra boost of hydration after days spent in the sun, work our Intense Hydrating Mask into your routine.


Get all of your summer skin essentials right here, right now.

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