Little James Clothing
Little James Clothing

Our Mantra

Our brand, Little James, was created just for you — confident, curious, courageous you. With a big imagination and even bigger dreams, the world is your playground to explore and see. We designed our line with you mind, where comfort and creativity combine. Our threads are made with heartfelt care and sent to you to proudly wear. Stay active, stay eager, stay cheerfully young. Always be you — your life has just begun!

Our Brand

Little James is a children’s clothing line founded on the belief that fashion and functionality can perfectly co-exist. As Creative Director, Designer and CEO, Kristin Cavallari felt there was a gap in the children’s apparel market – and so, she was inspired to create a collection of clothing tailored to the modern mom and her active kids. Made with eco-friendly fibers, quality fabrics and hand-drawn patterns, Little James is a brand that offers simple, economical and versatile options for babies, toddlers and growing children. Inspired by her own three kids, Camden, Jaxon and Saylor James, Kristin poured her heartfelt care into creating a line that would satisfy busy, everyday moms and their little dreamers.

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Little James Clothing