Welcome to Uncommon James

Welcome to Uncommon James

Wow—here it is—the launch of Uncommon James! It seems like yesterday I made the decision to start my own company and within just a few short months, I am here before you with a line so meaningful and personal to me. I’ve poured my heart and soul into Uncommon James, having a hand in every facet of the company, to make it a true reflection of my personal style. I had a vision for Uncommon James that I hoped like hell I could make come to life, and to see it here now before my eyes is surreal. 

So, who is the Uncommon James girl? Well, she’s your modern on-the-go woman, sophisticated and timeless. She wants accessories, particularly jewelry, to be effortless; no one wants to spend 10 minutes trying on jewelry, we simply don’t have time. And that’s the core of what I wanted for a jewelry line: easy jewelry. I want these pieces to be easy for you to throw on with any outfit. I want you to wear these necklaces every single day and never take them off. I also want you to have a fun statement necklace to have a little glamour when you’re in the mood to jazz things up. I want these rings to be your staples. I want you to layer and stack these pieces so they reflect your own personal style. I want you to love what you’re wearing; when you love what you’re wearing (and yes, jewelry makes or breaks your outfit) you carry yourself differently; maybe you hold your head a little higher or walk with a subtle smile on your face, regardless, you just have more confidence. 

Each piece in this debut collection was carefully chosen to hit all the needs of women. Whether you’re running around with the kids, dressed up for work, going out for girl’s (or date) night, or off to a cocktail party, we have you covered.  

I don’t believe to achieve great style you have to break the bank. I want this line to get rid of the stigma that to look and feel great you have to have the best of the best and spend an entire paycheck on one ring. Style is what you make it: your own. 

I’ve said it a million times but that will never be enough: I wouldn’t be here without my fans, so Uncommon James is for you guys. I will always be indebted to you for allowing me this opportunity and being on this incredible journey with me. I hope you love Uncommon James as much as I do. Cheers!


Kristin Cavallari